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It’s Nice to be a Novice: Using Data to Identify Fitness Gains in Low-Intensity Endurance Training

I recently decided that some endurance training would be good for me, so I bought a used spin bike and started riding on non-lifting days. It’s been fun to be a novice at something again and experience novice gains. One difference, though, between strength and endurance training is the ease with which novice improvement can be measured.

As I mentioned in my last post, strength gains are unambiguous: If you lift more weight than you’ve ever lifted before, there’ a very good chance you are getting stronger. With endurance training, it can be less clear. What’s the difference between your first and fifth 30-minute ride in Zone 2? Your rate of perceived exertion? Perhaps, but I’d love to see something more objective. So I decided to review my cycling data in search of objective indications of improvement.

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